Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Yes! I'm Back !


Well Hello There !!

Ya ya ya.. Thank You . Alhamdulillah .. I'm in good condition! tip top as always.


Wow ! It's been a long time that I'm not updating my blog. It's just like my other identity does not allow me to update my blog. Sometimes I become a person who does not care anymore about his blog.

Please accept my apologies.

By the Way !! Welcome my new followers!! 


apa cite wak speaking? 

" cool kan? google translate je pun.. Di sebabkan wak dah bertukar bos.. dan bos wak pun dah macam  tauke KFC - Colonel Sanders. Terpaksa lah berlatih sikit-sikit "

mana wak hilang ?

" tak laku lah muka jawa ni orang nak culik.. wak ada je.. cuma malas nak ngupdate "

asal malas wak ?

" sebab wak tak rajin.. itu je "

It's not difficult to speak in English. As long as the others get your information, I think that's will be alright.  kankankankan?

Yes! I can see a lot of grammar mistake.. but but but but.. ADA AKU KISAH ???


Korang Mesti Nak Baca

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